The Best Tour Ever – Part Two: Our MISSION

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For quite sometime, we couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that what we were working towards in our career felt a little empty.

The stages got bigger; the audiences were growing; and our name in Texas was pretty well known.

But the truth was, the more all of these exterior elements grew, the farther we found ourselves getting away from what feels really good about being on stage together.

Even though we were constantly challenging ourselves musically, we couldn’t help but feel like… “Is this it? We just travel from town to town, putting our best harmonies and personalities forward and hope more people like us?”

Like most careers and visions we all have for our lives, the realities of the rockstar-goals weren’t feeling as epic and earth-shattering as we both once thought.

And that’s a pretty scary reality check.

One that ultimately leaves a person with only two options:
Do something with that information to change the narrative.
Or put your head down and hope it fixes itself (spoiler: it wont).

Obviously you know us well enough to know that staying stuck in the mud is never our style.
We hardly have it all figured out (and don’t believe anyone that says or acts like they do) but we DO know that the best way through any transition is to MOVE.

Small steps. Erratic steps. Bizar steps. Bold steps… steps are steps.
Movement creates momentum. And momentum creates change and clarity.

And through our movement, we were able to clarify what exactly we wanted:


More meaning, more workable tools, and more value.

We want our time on stage to be in service of YOU, not in service of showing you how talented WE are.

Now for the record, there’s NOTHING wrong with being an entertainer! There’s immense value in allowing a person to temporarily escape their life and be thrown into someone else’s.
It just wasn’t enough for us personally, anymore.

So we’re pivoting!

We want to bridge the gap between PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and MUSIC and create a place that gives you the time and space for deep introspection. As well as, facilitate an experience that helps you hit the pause button on all of the busy exterior factors that drive your day to day life, to really check in with yourself.

Rather than simply enjoy our music and stories (and be left with burning questions like: “where does she buy all of those cute dresses?”), it’s our MISSION that you become an active PARTICIPANT on this ride we’re on towards living a deeply meaningful and authentic life.

And we believe that journey starts & continues best, when we slow down and ask ourself those challenging and often times, ignored questions.

How far we take this and where it will lead is a HUGE mystery!?!
(But I suppose if I had to guess🤔, it will be something like: Chip & Joanna Gains meets Tony Robbins meets the White Stripes 😜 #DreamBigKids).

So with the help of our Storytelling Coach Jimmy Nelson, we’ve developed the first of hopefully many iterations of An Evening of MUSIC, MINDSET, & MOTIVATION”.  And we’ve used this summer tour––which is conveniently filled with amazing House Concerts, intimate theatres, and listen rooms––to test the waters and throw ourselves into these new and totally uncomfortable roles to get this dream started!

If you’ve been in the audience for one of our concerts in the last month, SURPRISE, you were our first test group. Thanks! 🙂

It’s been an interesting ride so far…One that’s full of vulnerability and self-conscience thoughts, but one that feels REALLY TRUE to who we think we are meant to become in this next season of our lives.

Any of this resonating with you? Tell us ALL about it below! Life’s challenges are meant to be shared and cared for. 

<3 Jackie


  • For you to get to were you are you had to get your mind and body to both move! Sooo technically you are feeling energy(dancing, singing, and telling stories to people …. guess what???? YOU’R DOING MUSICAL THEATRE….. But instead of telling someone else’s story, your telling YOUR OWN- and since the loss of your dad,you have landed right were you were suppose to! Doing what feels right to make yourself feel filled instead for approval from your dad and others. I’ll leave you with this: the one year letter I sent you on The loss of your father- I promised You presence will be revealed and gifts will be handed to you, all you have to do is wait and see and receive. So dad’s words of it you can do anything you want ring true in your life almost every new day. As far as exercise goes Beanie’s words were, “if you don’t move you won’t move” so you see we are always in the best of hands with our shinning stars are always keeping an eye on us! Love You- travel safely

    • Mr. & Mrs. G says:

      mommy 😭 this is too much for a blog post 😭
      But I love your words and messaging so much!

      I’m not sure we could have gone from where we were at the beginning of this season to where we are now had you not given it to us MOM style in the way we needed it at our precious dining table. ❤️

      Thank you for helping us get our minds right!

  • Terrie Cooklin says:

    After reading your journey, now I want to see y’all perform when you get back to Texas now more than ever! Safe travels!

    • Mr. & Mrs. G says:

      Me too, Terry! I bet there’s a House Concert you could attend before the season ends! 🙂
      check the website schedule and if you see one that makes sense with your schedule and location, ill get you connected with the host!

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