The Best Tour Ever – Part Three: Our MINDSET

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We’ve come to the final segment of Why This Tour Is Hands Down The Best Tour Ever! 

Today I’m tranquilly writing the final piece to this puzzle in the greatest spot on earth: our home.

We finished the tour a few days ago and have been settling back into normalcy with total serenity and deep pride for all that we accomplished on the road this year.

Holy-Guacamole  – we did everything we set out to do.

Seriously! As I mentioned in Part One: Our HEALTH, I made a giant list of goals the night before we left town, and before sitting down to write this final segment, I reread that list and I got to experience the sweet ocd high of putting a check mark next to EVERY–SINGLE–LINE!


And yes, I know that very last line sounds quite impossible, but I DID go queso-free for 30 days. You can go ahead and mail me my medal of honor in the form of a Torchy’s Tacos gift card, thanks! 😉

SO in my last two blogs, I took a deep dive into the first two key reasons why this tour was so special. If you missed them, don’t worry, it’s 2019 and everything lives forever on the internet:

And today I’m getting specific and tactical with the final, and perhaps the MOST important piece!

This is the one that, had it not been in place with structure and technique, I know for a fact (this was our 4th rodeo🙆🏻‍♀️), the other two would have never stood a chance to succeed in the exhausting and overstimulating environment that is, being a touring musician.


“You have the chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be.”
Brendon Burchard

A few months ago I was in a bit of career-crisis. In my attempts to work through that confusing state of mind, I read a little life-changing book called High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

It rocked my world for-e-ver Sandlot style, and I immediately bought the High Performance Planner that he created as a companion tool to the book.

This Journal is HARDCORE…and I’ve purchased many-a-self-help journal in my day.

It has morning and evening question prompts, a daily calendar split by 30 minute increments, weekly recap question prompts, monthly recap question prompts, scoring pages to measure EVERY important element of a persons life–I mean, the guy thought of EVERYTHING…he even super sized it. It’s seriously the size of my upper thigh (I swear! I just measured it to make sure I gave you an accurate scale.)

What’s more is, these questions are anything but generic. They are DEEP THINKERS.

My favorite morning example is: “One action I could take today to demonstrate excellence or real value is…” 🤔

And my most challenging evening prompt is always: “Something that could have helped me feel more connected to others today would have been…” 🤨

I say all this because 4 months into this daily practice, I am a changed women in the best ways imaginable, and that is in direct response to the High Performance Planner.

My time management skills went from being a constant source of arguing and resentment in my marriage to one that, I’m pretty sure I could take to the Olympics if it were a competitive sport.

My energy is through the roof. Almost every single day, I wake up buzzing with a pre-written plan from the night before to tackle the day with positivity and intensity.

And my favorite change is my extraordinary awareness and ability to be SO present in each individual day.

Needless to say, it’s been, and continues to be truly transformative.

Three days before we left for tour, Brandon said the most beautiful phrase my ears ever heard:
“I think I’m ready for a planner of my own.”

For MONTHS I patiently awaited for this magical-mystical-moment and committed to solely leading by example rather than pushing this tool onto him. And while I had the BIGGEST dance party with Beyonce and Ellen going on in my own head, I played it totally cool and calmly ordered him one from Amazon right then and there.

Two weeks into using his journal I could see this man was acting more AWAKE and ALIVE than I’ve ever known him to be, even on his BEST days!

It was nuts.

I mean, going through this transformation personally has been an absolute joy, but there’s nothing cooler than watching it from the outside happen to someone else. It gives me an even deeper sense of where I was when I started and who I must be now.

Yesterday he hit his One Month Recap where he re-takes his Whole Life Assessment. It asks you to asses areas such as Health, Experiences, Finances, Learning, Friends, etc.

He’s first time taking it, he scored a 41 out of 100.

Yesterday – a 77!

That’s A MASSIVE UPGRADE in a persons overall quality of life.

I share all of this because, THIS habit of committing to own each day with intention, joy, & organization, and putting it pen-to-paper is the singular reason why this tour was hands down the greatest tour ever.

It’s the reason we chose to put effort into crazy & unique experiences off stage, for the first time in our lives.

It’s the reason I’m training for a half-marathon and Brandon now sweats and moves his body almost every single day after 30-something years of being completely sedentary.

It’s the reason we recognized that we weren’t making as big of an impact as we know we are capable of.

And it’s the reason, we’ve been able to let ourselves pivot into new territories with our skill sets and trust that we totally got this, as foggy as it looks right now!

If you’re interested in a journal of your own (I don’t know how anyone reading this couldn’t be at this point) GO-GET-IT-RIGHT-NOW: The High Performance Planner

But listen–whether it’s a journal, a book, an exercise, a breathing technique, or petting your fur baby–find some TOOL or PRACTICE that helps get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

I PROMISE, that’s how everyone around you making it look so easy and enticing is doing it!

And if you want to nerd out further on this topic or anything related, I AM HERE FOR IT, BABY ↓! I’m thinking REAL clearly these days and would love nothing more than to continue the conversation and help you get on this level!

Because I truly believe that by stepping into the BEST versions of ourselves, THIS is how we make the world a better, higher-functioning, healthier, and happier place for each other, and future generations!

<3 Jackie


  • Alice Ciminel says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can attest to your being at your peak when you performed for us – your last show of your tour – that you nailed the performance with energy and enthusiasm! That is awesome for an “end of tour” show! Thank you!

    • Mr. & Mrs. G says:

      Thanks so much Alice! It was such a magical evening where everything came together just perfectly! Y’all were an amazing audience and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to perform for you! 🙂

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