The 1% Rule

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I attended a mastermind a few weeks ago where we talked about the 1% rule, which is the idea of trying to be just 1% better than you were yesterday.

And IF you can do so, than 1 year later, you are 37 TIMES better than when you started. (See visual below to understand the formula.)

Now the math is cool ‘n all, and I do love this idea that the tiniest amounts of movement can really add up to creating serious changes, BUT I couldn’t help but think…well how do I know? Like––how do I literally measure if I’m growing by 1% every day?

And after really thinking about this question, I think I found my answer.

I use a journal called The High Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard, which has morning and evening question prompts that I answer daily.

Some of them are deep thinkers, but the question that I NEVER struggle to answer is “What’s one thing I realized or learned today?”

And as I was filling out my planner last night, it hit me!

That’s the answer: Did you learn something new today?

Did you find something to add to your tool-belt of knowledge that you didn’t have a day ago?

Maybe you discovered something important about your spouse, or child, or your best friend. Maybe you learned how to do something more efficiently while you were cooking in the kitchen. Or maybe you screwed up at work, and now you know what NOT to do…or how to better prepared next time! (That’s usually the one that comes real quick for me😬).

Regardless of the size or magnitude, the point is––you learned. You literally expanded your knowledge and deepened your understanding about something you care about.

And to me, that means you grew!
Even just by 1%.

So I have an exercise for you…

Why don’t you start to develop a habit every night before you go to bed, either in a journal or on your phone, where you write down 1 thing you learned in these last 24 hours of life.

And THEN in a year from now, you get to look back and enjoy having cold hard proof starring back at you showing that, you my friend, really are 37 times better than you are right now!

Thanks for reading, see you next week,
❤️Jackie Gibbons!

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