House Concerts & Concert Series & Intimate Theatres – OH MY!

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We Leave for our National Tour Next Friday! We have an exciting mix of venues and shows this year that we are pumped to execute on the East Coast! If you live in an area where both a House Concert and public show are taking place, DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT HAVING TO CHOOSE… Our HOUSE […]

My Ego is Ruining My Life!

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I’m having one of those rare, perfect mornings where I awoke before Brandon and have been able to calmly meander around the house with freshly ground hot coffee just taking it all in. See, about 6 weeks ago we moved into our first house, which I should now call our first home, because after taking […]

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

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With a long line of incredible artists from whom we found plenty of inspiration, (Dolly Parton, Annie Lenox & Al Green, Anne Murray, John Mayer) we decided to release our own version of the Jackie DeShannon classic, “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”! We seem to live in a world where every time we […]

Confessions of a Starstruck Cruise Ship Performer

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When I tell someone about our past of being performers on a cruise ship, I’m fully ready for the token follow up question: “What’s it like to work on a cruise ship??” You would think by now I had my answer down to a memorized monologue, but that’s just never been the case. While I know […]

Keep Up Or Get Left Behind: Our Not-So-Romantic Marriage Motto

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Since the 4th grade I’ve always been drawn to musical marriages. As a child I was infatuated with the movie, “Selena”, who, if you aren’t familiar with her short-lived life story, married her guitarist.  Their pre-show kisses and the passionate looks they would swap across the stage during performances drew me in.  The idea that […]

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