Bringing a Family Tradition Into Our Marriage

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It’s 7Am and I’m writing to you while watching the hubs work his way up a 55 foot rock wall at his gym with one of his new buddies. The rain is thumping quite rhythmically on the window sill next to me and the sound of Black & Decker drills are ever-so-present as new routes […]

What A Freakin’ Year

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Good Evening Sunshine and a Happy New Year! Did you know that today is my favorite day of the year? It’s the day when we ALL get a reset. When the whole world sets off on a mission to dream bigger and be better individuals. And our collective energy for GROWTH radiates everywhere we turn. […]

The Best Tour Ever – Part Three: Our MINDSET

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We’ve come to the final segment of Why This Tour Is Hands Down The Best Tour Ever!  Today I’m tranquilly writing the final piece to this puzzle in the greatest spot on earth: our home. We finished the tour a few days ago and have been settling back into normalcy with total serenity and deep […]

The Best Tour Ever – Part Two: Our MISSION

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For quite sometime, we couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that what we were working towards in our career felt a little empty. The stages got bigger; the audiences were growing; and our name in Texas was pretty well known. But the truth was, the more all of these exterior elements grew, the farther we […]

The Best Tour Ever – Part One: Our HEALTH

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The day before we left for our 2019 East Coast Tour, while taking my final bubble bath, I had this brilliant pre-tour idea for my husband Brandon and I: We should each make a list of all the goals that we have for our 5 weeks on the road. Then narrow it down to our […]

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