My red lipstick might have just changed my life!

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About every two years we do this thing where we take ALL of the ideas we’ve been mulling over musically, and invest large amounts of our time, focus, and a chunk of saved up cash to STEP UP OUR LIVE SHOW!

With our heads down in the work over the last six weeks, it was finally time to roll out ALL of the new instrumentation, songs, and musical chops at a private corporate event last Monday that we felt would be the perfect debut.

In the days leading up to this roll out, and for the first time in a while, I was feeling nervous as hell!

I’ve recently recognized that one of my weaknesses is my inability to adapt easily to new situations.

It’s something that’s always been there, but I only spotted and called it out by name in the last few months.

Since learning this about myself, I’ve become acutely aware of it and have found evidence of it to be true in many areas of my life.

In the days leading up to this event, while we were feeling well rehearsed and as prepared as we could be, I found myself getting perpetually more attached to the thought “but I’m not great at adapting to new situations…”

It’s one thing to feel confident on my new big-girl drum kit and Garth Brooks headset mic in the comforts of my own rehearsal studio, but it’s a whole new ballgame when we show up site unseen to a live event and all the pressures that follow.

Once we arrived and began unloading and setting up new thing after new thing, I was feeling as nervy as my beginning days on Carnival…you know, the ones where I almost lost my job because of this same adaptation struggle by my very own husband!!!  (No, I will never let it go Jack, I’ll never let go.)

Realizing I was going to have to surrender to these nerves, I headed to the greenroom to do my final pre-show ritual: put on my bold red lipstick💋!

For me, this is always an act of stepping into my best, most confident, bad-ass-womanly self!

And as I was applying a layer of thick smooth retro matte liquid on my lips, the most powerful question hit me like a cool burst of wind on a sweaty Texas summer run…

“What would it look like if I WERE a person who was good at adapting to new situations?”

I followed this sorta crazy but calming idea and begin to think about how I would feel, behave, and perform if that were true, rather than the former super-unhelpful thought I had been attached to for days…

If I were a person who’s good at adapting…

I would feel really confident about the work I had done, and trust in my training.
I would welcome the opportunity to finally present it to the world.
I would soar through the drum fills flawlessly, and remember the important hits we rehearsed over and over again.
I would enjoy the freedom of having a headset mic, and bop around like the ex-zumba instructor I am.
I would freakin relax, facilitate a really great time for the guests, and have fun knowing that I am prepared.
I would kick so much ass, that Brandon would be shocked and enamored by me!

Well as I’m sure you an imagine, these super empowering thoughts were the very antidote I needed to stop worrying and do 👆🏻 ALL OF THAT! 👆🏻

I really did kick-ass y’all. I kicked SO much ass🤣. Brandon and I both did. We nailed parts of songs that we never ONCE got right in rehearsal on the first pass. And we had fun kicking ass, together!

The lesson is so simple but SO transformative:

Spend your time thinking about who and what you could be, rather than who and what you aren’t.

WHY? Because whatever the thought – our brains will look for ALL of the evidence to make it true!

So make your most audacious, wildest dreams the truest of all!

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