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…because as ‘The Music Below’ from Los Angeles posted in a recent article: “These songs inspire an open dialogue about how we can grow and be better as individuals and as a whole. Not to mention, it’s just beautiful music.”.


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As the Texas Music Pickers wrote, “We were immediately captured by the powerful energy of the vocals. The Gibbonses’ larger than life presentation and soulful delivery create a perfect foundation for their contemporary sound. The combination of rock, folk, pop, and R&B influences and polished production offer the listener a rich and powerful experience.” If you’re a fan of the iconic, soulful voices of Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, and Susan Tedeschi coupled with authentic, honest, and captivating songwriting, The Gibbonses are a must have for your collection.

Walking a fine line between hopeful and tragic, each song is an introspective reaction to the struggles and challenges that we as a society, are facing in today’s sociopolitical climate. With tales of failed romances, euphoric triumphs, and whirlwinds of utter confusion, “All We’ve Got” is an emotional rollercoaster with an open seat just for you!

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