A Behind The Scenes Day at The Office

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It’s February already and it hit me that I’ve yet to send a newsletter this whole year (all 37 daysūüėā) that’s just dedicated to filling you in on life over at¬†The Gibbonses house.

The biggest update is that we’ve made a very productive choice to practice what we preach and only follow¬†one goal at a time.

As much as I know¬†this vital piece of knowledge, I’ve¬†had a hard¬†time trying to follow it when it comes to our business.

We just have so many big picture plans as musicians and as entrepreneurs that we often battle with setting things down (even temporary) to start tackling just one with clarity & focus, all the way to the finish line.

However, after the New Years high of wanting SO much in 2020 began to neutralize, Brandon and I knew exactly where to turn our attention.


In the¬†last quarter of 2019, our performance calendar was filled with weddings¬†and celebratory family affairs,¬†and it didn’t take long for us to realize why we were quickly becoming¬†OBSESSED with this market…

For those of you that don’t know our story‚Äďit all started¬†9 years ago¬†while working on a Carnival Cruise Ship based in Charleston, South Carolina.

I was the Showband Vocalist in a 6 piece Party Band and Brandon was the¬†band’s Guitarist and Musical Director for all musicians on board. It’s a pretty fascinating¬†and unique place to meet your spouse/boss.¬†Feel free to read the full story¬†here.

The bases of our job was simply to facilitate a GREAT PARTY for the guests night after night. Jamming fan-favorites like “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “We Are Family”, and “Play That Funky Music” for 4-5 hours a night.

Keeping the dance floor packed with joyful and connective energy was my number one goal.

And Brandon’s goal was to create the¬†exact same camaraderie with our band on stage.

Sound like a familiar dynamic and setting? 

Yep.¬†It didn’t take long to realize that we were quickly finding our way back to what we refer to as¬†our Roaring Twenties. The glory days where¬†life on stage¬†was simple and filled with¬†good-ol-fashion fun! ūü•≥

Realizing how happy this performance avenue was making us after nearly a decade away from it, we decided to dedicate an entire year to putting our combined efforts and energy towards creating a unique, high-end Wedding Band product, and booking as many weddings and celebratory events as our calendar can handle.

This meant going ALL IN from a musical and business stand point. So lately our days have been spent rehearsing a boat load of new tunes; doing (yet again) another major expansion to our instrumentation and production; and honing our marketing and sales skills to generate leads & close the deals!

The best part is: You couldn’t ask me to pick a favorite in terms of each of these moving parts. I feel like for the first time ever, I have finally hit the¬†music + business blend jackpot.

Going from shedding a disco beat (which I only learned a week ago and now I want to put¬†it to every-song-everūüôŹūüŹĽ) on my new ginormous drum set; to then hopping on a call with an excited-but-totally-overwhelmed newly engaged couple, and ending the day writing up contracts is NOT a bad day at the office!

There’s also something really relieving¬† about making the commitment to¬†put¬†all the other balls (business ideas/opportunities/shiny objects) DOWN¬† temporarily,¬†and not feeling guilty about it!
(That last part is real new for me.)

Overall, it’s a¬†pretty simple¬†and playful time of year for us and I’m having no issues enjoying¬†the ride of it all. ūüėĀ

Here’s a short behind the scenes video from
Monday’s rehearsal:

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