The Last Show I Ever Book

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If you’ve been following our journey for a long time, then you may have noticed that we like to “market hop”.

See we consider ourselves under the category of The Successful Lifer Musicans, meaning we’re more attracted to the idea of a long-term career that feels controlled with steady growth, over the MASSIVE Beyonce-like career path.

I mean if we’re being honest, having both would be dope (obviously), but in terms of where we intentionally focus our efforts, we’re more interested in the slow and steady approach as apposed to the shot-in-the-dark-someone-make-me-a-star idea.

Because we’re in it for long haul, we’re constantly adding new markets to our portfolio…

We started in the bubble of cruise ship bands.
Played our first acoustic duo sets in restaurants and wine bars.
Moved into venues, festivals, & opening for bigger acts.
Spent years touring the country by way of House Concerts.
Learned the in’s and out’s of the Corporate Conference world.
And are now currently immersed in the Wedding Market.

Each of these performance avenues have their own way of doing things…they have their own unique title for who handles the booking, their own timeline, process, expectations, and their own jargon and sales tactics.

And each require significant time and research in order to go from understanding, to booking, to playing to that kind of crowd, to getting rehired, and most importantly – to being able to take the hands off the wheel and letting it continue to work for us, while we set our sites on the next venture.

Being almost 10 years into the life of a working musician and 5 years into doing it full-time, you would think that we’ve developed enough experience and skin thick enough to handle the volatility of this industry.

In many ways we have, but there’s always this underlining fear when things get too quiet for too long.

I think many can relate to this, especially business owners and entrepreneurs.

We start to have negative (and often irrational) thoughts of failure like…

Was that the last show I ever book?
What if I can never sell another house again?
If I bomb this presentation, that’s it for me!!

It’s WAY too easy to assume the worst, and question everything when things aren’t running smoothly. And that’s a rabbit hole I’ve had to learn how to say 🙅🏻‍♀️NO to, over and over again… as recent as last week, when I started to feel the crickets chirping from our inbox.

One thing that I’ve found to be quite handy in these moments is: DATA!

Man do I👏🏻love👏🏻DATA👏🏻!

I love it because it takes all of the messy emotions tangled up in my stomach and rather than try to slowly work to detangle them, DATA says “yeahNO. I ain’t about that life girl”, and throws it down the garbage shoot.

Then it pulls out the years and years of historical proof showing you facts and numbers, aka: the truth! Thus leaving a calming zen-like power in my belly where the ball of mess once took up space.

Of course, the truth isn’t always comforting. In fact, it can be really scary and hard to stair into the eyes of at times. But it least it’s the real deal. It’s where the answers lie when you’re not sure where to go next.

And MOST often – it brings deep comfort – if you let it!

Because it shows you that…

You have way more proof of
Than you do of

And why would that stop now?


So when the inbox is quiet, and the “no thank you(s)” are outweighing the “send me the contract(s)”, all you and I have to do is look at the years of data showing us that we are fully capable of figuring this out!!

Thanks for reading, see you next week,
❤️Jackie Gibbons!

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