The Last Show I Ever Book

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If you’ve been following our journey for a long time, then you may have noticed that we like to “market hop”. See we consider ourselves under the category of The Successful Lifer Musicans, meaning we’re more attracted to the idea of a long-term career that feels controlled with steady growth, over the MASSIVE Beyonce-like career path. I mean if […]

My red lipstick might have just changed my life!

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f About every two years we do this thing where we take ALL of the ideas we’ve been mulling over musically, and invest large amounts of our time, focus, and a chunk of saved up cash to STEP UP OUR LIVE SHOW! With our heads down in the work over the last six weeks, it was finally time to roll out […]

Win Your Personal Election and Control Your Future

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I’ve been thinking…What if you made little choices throughout the day solely based on how you would feel after the fact? Would you make the same choice? Humor me for a moment… In Theory…Would you still order the fries instead of a side salad, knowing you’re gonna beat yourself up about it afterwards? NO! Would […]

A Behind The Scenes Day at The Office

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It’s February already and it hit me that I’ve yet to send a newsletter this whole year (all 37 days😂) that’s just dedicated to filling you in on life over at The Gibbonses house. The biggest update is that we’ve made a very productive choice to practice what we preach and only follow one goal at a […]

The 1% Rule

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(Click here to watch video if it’s not loading properly) I attended a mastermind a few weeks ago where we talked about the 1% rule, which is the idea of trying to be just 1% better than you were yesterday. And IF you can do so, than 1 year later, you are 37 TIMES better […]

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